United Programmers + Publishers For Radical Inclusion

Jeff Bezos has built a $200B semi-government mafia which he uses to exploit black and brown americans for cheap labor. Millions of dollars are made every day by Silicon Valley startups leveraging his services, while he continues to sell facial-recognition AI to ICE and USA PD.

Thanks to Silicon Valley venture capital, the NASDAQ has sustained constant, record-breaking growth over the last decade. Meanwhile, just across the bridge:

Now Bezos is on Instagram, pretending to be a champion for black lives by "losing customers," while he remains the wealthiest man in human history. He then fires Chris Smalls, a black man, for trying to unionize labor at an Amazon warehouse. Meanwhile, despite federal oversight, reform commitments at OPD have gone absolutely nowhere in 15 years. This is evidenced by the well-reported sexual abuse carried out by OPD and other Bay Area LEOs in 2016.

This is why, in solidarity with:

The members of UPPFRI:

  • Demand the defunding of the Oakland Police Department, SFPD, and the Alameda County Sheriff.
  • Denounce any startup, venture fund, or product associated with Jeff Bezos + Amazon Web Services. We refuse to do any kind of work for these platforms or brands, ever.
  • Dismiss the diversity PR campaign from Big Tech as tokenism, and insist the only real path forward for justice and equality is to force $B companies including:
    • Blue Origin
    • Andreessen Horowitz
    • Sequoia Capital
    • Axon Enterprise
    • Index Ventures
    • World Innovation Lab
    • Amazon
    • Netflix
    • Facebook
    • Microsoft
    • Apple
    • Google
    to divest from their many far-reaching subsidiaries and donate this capital, at 0% ROI, to black and brown communities.
  • Any further advertising from tech unicorns re: BLM, D&I, or Worker's Rights will hereby be met with disdain. Only when community leaders in black and brown neighborhoods ( West Oakland, Fruitvale, Bayview/Hunter's Point, etc. ) publicly confirm the receipt of impactful donations will any company be acknowledged or celebrated by UPPFRI.
  • Founders and investors that fail to protect our fellow Americans with urgent and radical restorative action will be relentlessly denounced on all social networks.

the United Programmers + Publishers For Radical Inclusion was founded in July 2020 by Tyler Hill. He is currently the only member. If you want to help force $B VC companies to fund our communities of color by committing to the demands above and joining the union, or otherwise want to help promote UPPFRI in the tech industry, please email: commit (at) UPPFRI (dot) org

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